Your Guide to New Guinea Rosewood

Now one of the most sought after hardwood timbers to make windows and doors, it's no wonder New Guinea Rosewood (NGR) is quickly building a name for itself here in Australia!

If you are thinking about using NGR in your home, here is a handy guide to help.


As it's name indicates, New Guinea Rosewood is a South East Asian hardwood sourced mainly from Papua New Guinea, however it is also grown in parts of the Solomon Islands and the Santa Cruz Islands.


New Guinea Rosewood can range in colour from golden browns to rich deep reds. The unique surface grain & texture of NGR makes for beautiful timber, and can often be extraordinary with swirls, burrs, fiddleback and more.


A remarkably stable timber, medium grade hardness with little natural movement, New Guinea Rosewood has quite a low shrinkage rate at only 1%.


NGR is renown as a very durable timber, resistant to pests such as termites and lasts 25 - 40 years above ground.


This hardwood takes well to staining, oiling and most other finishes.

If you are looking for a quality hardwood for your windows and doors, New Guinea Rosewood is a great timber to go with! That's why here at Cardiff Joinery, most of our timber windows and doors are made from New Guinea Rosewood.

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