Your Guide to Merbau

As one of the more common hardwoods used today in joinery, Merbau presents as an excellent quality timber that lasts!

If you are thinking about using Merbau in your home, here is a handy guide to help.


Merbau hardwood originates from South East Asia, and is grown in countries including, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and The Philippines.


The heartwood may be yellow when it is first cut, however it eventually becomes a pale to dark reddish brown. Whilst the sapwood, which is usually distinct from the heartwood, has a pale yellow colouring.


The timber is moderately coarse, whilst the grain is sometimes interlocked, which can produce a ribbon figure on the surface.


Merbau is very durable hardwood and is also resistant to termites, lasting 25 years in ground and up to 40 years above ground!


This hardwood glues and finishes well, however it can be difficult to saw due to the saw teeth becoming clogged with gummy material.

If you are looking for a quality hardwood for your windows and doors, Merbau is a good timber to go with!

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